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Hate Extinguisher – Magenta Passion


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Hate Extinguisher Sculpture

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This special art piece, called “Hate Extinguisher,” is all about love. I made it because I believe love is very strong and can make the world better. This sculpture is to help us remember to spread love and get rid of hate.


Metal, acrylics, resin, and lacquer.

Why I Made It

I wanted to make something that shows love is powerful. This sculpture is called “Hate Extinguisher” because it’s full of love. It’s meant to help us think about bringing more love into the world.

What I Hope You Feel

I hope this sculpture makes you see that love can beat anything bad. It’s a reminder to always choose love.

How to Buy

This is a very special piece, and there’s only one like it. It costs $3,500. We can send it to you if you live in the US. If you live in another country, please email us at info@ferdasilva.com to talk about shipping.

My Wish

Making the “Hate Extinguisher” has made me very happy. It’s another way for me to say that love is important. I hope it brings love into your home.