Why hearts?

My passion for the arts began as a child. I loved to create all forms of art. I was a song-writer, a singer, an actor, a sculptor and a painter. Many years ago, I found myself going through a very difficult situation in my life and was stuck in a fog of depression. During this time, the only thing that brought me joy was writing and painting. The more I continued to paint, the better I would feel. I realized that this was a form of therapy and by expressing myself in this way it allowed me to heal.

At the beginning I had no intention of painting hearts, I was actually painting abstract waves. One evening, I painted two waves colliding into each other and discovered ‘a heart’ staring back at me. Thus, the first ‘corazon de fer’ was born.



Corazón de Fer Blue Aubergine



Corazón de Fer Red Love



Corazón de Fer Multi Rainbow

DIY Corazón de Fer kit



Phone cases



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