Corazón de Fer Blue Aubergine


Corazón de Fer Red to Japan


Corazón de Fer Multi Color Holographic

Adriana Lima & Fer Da Silva

Maye Musk & Fer Da Silva


Corazón de Fer Red Magazine


Corazón de Fer 490


Corazón de Fer Gray and MultiNeon


Corazón de Fer Neon Pop

Suzhou, China

Who is Fer?

Fer Da Silva is a Venezuelan and Portuguese visual artist, that currently resides and creates most of his art pieces in New York City. Fer grew up in a home imbued with the artistic expressions, started by his mother who, as an artist, fed his sensibility for art with her paintings.

A few years later in the city of Miami, and after having gone through a deep depression that nearly ended his life, Fer created, almost magically, the work that led him to be known in several countries around the world with its motto “The Power of Love“ through his artwork called Corazón de Fer. 

“I strongly believe in the power of love because it literally saved my life after a very dark path of heart broken and desolation; a period of time where I didn’t have the strength to keep living. That is why I paint hearts, I am alive thanks to “Corazón de Fer” and I am sure that love can save many people’s lives the same way as it did with me.”

Fer Da Silva’s artwork is showcased at a distinguished gallery on the east coast of the United States (New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Nantucket). He also has a variety of murals in New York City and Miami, which have been reviewed and highlighted by important media such as Forbes, Vogue, Telemundo, Univision, and others. 

“Corazón de Fer” has reached the Asian continent as well, where Fer Da Silva’s art has been exhibited as the main artist of the Suzhou Center Mall 5th Anniversary Endless Heart celebration, in Suzhou City, China.

At present, Fer Da Silva keeps creating, doing very important exhibitions and taking his art around the world convinced that “Corazón de Fer” is a true way to give love and receive love in return.

Why hearts?

My passion for the arts began as a child. I loved to create all forms of art. I was a song-writer, a singer, an actor, a sculptor and a painter. Many years ago, I found myself going through a very difficult situation in my life and was stuck in a fog of depression. During this time, the only thing that brought me joy was writing and painting. The more I continued to paint, the better I would feel. I realized that this was a form of therapy and by expressing myself in this way it allowed me to heal.

At the beginning I had no intention of painting hearts, I was actually painting abstract waves. One evening, I painted two waves colliding into each other and discovered ‘a heart’ staring back at me. Thus, the first ‘corazon de fer’ was born.


Corazón de Fer Retro Pop Pink


Corazón de Fer In the clouds


Corazón de Fer Pop Neon


Corazón de Fer pouring white on black


Corazón de Fer Pouring colors on white


Corazón de Fer Solid & Multi Blue


Corazón de Fer Multi BluishPink


Corazón de Fer Pink to Argentina


Corazón de Fer PurplePink


Corazón de Fer Retro Pop Pink


Corazón de Fer The Machine of Love

Mixed media on wood


Artist Statement

Corazón de Fer is an unforeseen wake up up call from the dark. I was in there. I was stuck in the abyss of darkness and was feeling hopeless but I wanted to fight back and painting kept me alive.

Corazón de Fer is more than just Hearts. It is a reminder for everyone to love who you are, to give love, to love what you do and to embrace every part of your life. It symbolizes that the power of love enables us to achieve happiness and live our dreams.

Using a myriad form of materials from acrylics to resin, I developed these pieces of art representing what Love has done to me and what love can and will do for you. Each stroke of color represents a different meaning. Every splash of the paint I use at the end is a slow and fast heartbeat. Every single heart is unique, filled with scars and with different shapes. Each one shows the beauty of what is inside of us and what

makes our hearts beautiful and unique. This is all part of the story that I was going through for a certain period of my life. Corazón de Fer is trying to honor what truly makes us beautiful and that is the color and the beat of our hearts.

Corazón de Fer has given me innumerable blessings throughout these years and I want to keep sharing this power to everyone, because I think we all deserve to love and to be loved.

This is Corazón de Fer.

The Power of Love.


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In 2019, Fer Da Silva did an art exhibition at the Sofitel Hotel in New York City. Da Silva showed his art during the month of February on that year to celebrate San Valentine’s month. The art pieces were displayed in different walls around the main areas of the hotel and also a lot of them were in a small gallery for the international guests’ enjoyment.

One of the most important cities for the pride month celebration is New York City. In June 2019, Fer Da Silva created an active art installation named “The Machine of Love” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World’s Pride.  Da Silva filled an entire room with diferente and very unique  art pieces representing inclusive love; each wall was an interactive art creation where the visitors could connect visually and physically with the piece. The installation was open during the whole summer season attracting people from all around the world to take pictures and enjoy The Machine of Love.

Fer Da Silva was invited to do a live installation at the 2019 VIP clients anual celebration at Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, California. Fer created a big Corazon de Fer mosaic, using the Neiman Marcus shopping bags as a canvas; the idea was to reflect how each client conform the company’s heart. On the other side of bags, they had a single heart created by Fer Da Silva as well.  These shopping bags, full of love and art, were given to the clients as a reminder of how special and important they are to the company.

As part of the Hispanic month celebration, Fer Da Silva, Venezuelan artist, was invited to do an art exhibition inside the Viacom/CBS building, located in Times Square, New York. The exhibition was visited for many people, including Dottie Herman, Douglas Elliman CEO (one of the largest real estate companies in the US).

During the 50th anniversary of Corolla – Toyota, Fer Da Silva was the artist in charge of creating four “Corazón de Fer” which were given to the brand’s executives as symbols of the love and dedication for the company. Also, these four hearts represented the actual meaning of the Toyota’s logo; which are three overlapping ellipses symbolizing the unification of the hearts of the customers and the heart of Toyota products.

529 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

192 Mott St, New York, NY 10012

In February 2020, the artist Fer Da Silva received an invitation to do a very special creation for the Takin restaurant in the city of Miami, Florida. Fer created the dessert for the Saint Valentine’s romantic dinner. The dessert was a chocolate heart shaped sculpture with the artist distinctive paint splashes.

The Angel Ball is one of the biggest fundraise events for cancer research in the United States. This beautiful event is celebrated every year in New York City by Gabrielle’s Angel foundation. In 2018 and 2019, Fer Da Silva donated a huge (10’ x 10’) Corazón de Fer with wings; the hybrid was created to represent the love and all the angels that every year support the foundation to preserve the good cause. The pieces were the main art installations each year and they were also iconic points where all the guests were photographed. The art pieces were auctioned on CharityBuzz.



Corazón de Fer Angel Ball 2018

Mixed media on canvas

Denise Rich & Dottie Herman

Coco Rocha

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels & Fer Da Silva

Nikki Haskell

Alina Baikova

Sonja Morgan & Fer Da Silva



Corazón de Fer Angel Ball 2019

Mixed media on canvas



Corazón de Fer Angel Ball 2021

Mixed media on canvas



Corazón de Fer Angel Ball 2022

Mixed media on canvas

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